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Brent Watkins (Producer/Director) has worked as a pastor, writer, filmmaker and musician. Now he enjoys telling the stories of people striving to overcome physical, emotional and personal barriers as the Creative Services Manager for Goodwill of the Heartland. Brent was an Executive Producer for the feature documentary “The Entertainers,” a film that garnered “Best of the Festival” wins at ArcLight Film Festival in Hollywood, St. Louis International Film Festival, Minneapolis/St. Paul Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, and “Best Doc” at Landlocked Film Festival in Iowa City, Iowa.Brent was also the recipient of a major media grant from Humanities Iowa for “The Heroes of Parlor Town,” a multimedia presentation examining the role African Americans played in defining American popular music in the early 20th century.

Robert Becker (Executive Producer) serves on the Board of Directors for the Thaler Holocaust Educational Trust, a principle sponsor of the film project. Robert is also the Chairman of Guaranty Bank & Trust, and has a long history as a successful entrepreneur. He owns the precision contract manufacturing company In Tolerance, named “Sub-Contractor of the Year” by the Small Business Association. He also serves as president for Offices Two Thirty which owns and manages commercial real estate around the country. He holds an Industrial Engineering and Operations Research degree from Syracuse University and Graduate School of Banking from University of Wisconsin.


Blair Gauntt (Associate Producer) first connected Brent to the project through his work with Robert Becker on the The Thaler Holocaust Memorial Fund. Creative Drirector and CEO of By Gauntt Design, Blair Gauntt, carves out his niche, high atop the fast-moving wave of digital design while keeping one foot planted firmly in the the time-honored traditions of advertising, public relations and communications. With nearly thirty years professional experience in the market, he is not only an expert in design and graphics, but he puts into practice his own ever-evolving way of working with clients and associates that ultimately leaves them feeling that they are part of a team rather than looking in from the outside.


Sam Watkins (Illustrator)
was tasked to re-create key elements of Sergeant Gualtier’s story through a series of illustrations that borrow from the style of Army war artists from the World War II period. Sam was commissioned in 2016 by the University of Iowa to produce a series of paintings to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King during Black History month. His work has also been featured at the African American Museum of Iowa and on the cover of Little Village Magazine. Sam graduated with his BFA from the University of Iowa and currently works as a graphic designer for the Abstrakt Marketing Group in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the son of producer/director Brent Watkins.

Andrew Watkins (Composer)
has produced a film score for the project that captures the full range of emotion that unfolds as John shares his amazing story. Andrew is an entirely self-taught musician who has played guitar and piano for over 10 years. His ambition to compose for film has been alive “as long as I can remember.”  Andrew is also the son of producer/director Brent Watkins.